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It's a Given

We believe in serving clean food, just as we would do for our kids. That is why we make every effort to avoid anything that cannot be trusted 100%. That includes artificial colors, additives, preservatives, GMO foods, excessive sodium, processed foods such as white flour, refined sugars, canned foods, deep fried foods, etc.

Many organic ingredients make up our newly created recipes, made from scratch for you. This includes our unique whole wheat breads and yummy sauces. We make sure to use basic ingredients to create each recipe from scratch. Minimal cooking ensures that nutrients are optimally captured.

We are environmentally conscious; we realize that food bought from distant places is not as fresh and puts an unnecessary burden on our planet. We buy locally as much as possible which also helps us support the Ann Arbor community we are so proud of.

Sweet Tooth
All items are Vegan or can be made Vegan unless noted**.
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