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Every business has a philosophy, principles that it lives by. We too have one. We call is Food 4.0. Please allow us to elaborate.

In the beginning, mankind struggled to feed itself. It was dependent on the elements, the rain, and the seasons. Food was scarce, farmers worked really hard, wars were fought for food. That was Food 1.0.

Then came the industrial revolution. Machines and big money got into our food. While production got plentiful, we saw lots of unnecessary processing, artificially long shelf lives, high carbon footprint, etc. That was Food 2.0. We soon realized there has to be a better way.

The world got down to solving the problems. As you read this, the world is moving to renewable energy and precision water systems, aiming to control weather, disease, pests, fertility, and spoilage. We are also taking help from advances in genomics, molecular biology, and physiology to be able to get high yields in low-input environments.

If you are interested, google ‘Food 3.0’ and find out more.

Well, we think what came before is still not enough. Food is more central to our lives than we have cared to realize, and our outlook towards it has profound long-term, cultural, economic, environmental, and sociological effects.

Enter Food 4.0.

POSITIVE FOOD, POSITIVE LIFE. That’s what we live by. We believe that food, more than anything else, must positively impact all major stakeholders: the producers (farmers and generally, our vendors), our customers (you!), ourselves (the First Bite team and their families), and also the environment (mother Earth). Everything we do must impact them all in a positive way. And only that can bring you truly positive food!

So let’s tell you what all we do. We support local farming and sourcing from likeminded vendors, even if it sometimes means paying higher prices. Other than an occasional aluminum foil, almost 100% of our packaging is fully compostable. Additionally, we want our team members to consider First Bite as an important career move and a place to learn and grow professionally as a team. As soon as we can afford, providing retirement benefits, health insurance, and paid sick leaves to our team is a priority for us. Lastly, and most importantly, our mission is to make high quality, nutritious food available to all our customers irrespective of their ability to pay. The List is long, but you get the idea, right?

This is not a typical restaurant business. It exists for the sole purpose of enhancing and maintaining the wellbeing of its customers, vendors, team members, and to preserve the sanctity of the environment we live in.

But all of this talk is just air unless you are a happy customer. So let us know if you are not 100% satisfied, we will either fix the problem, or give you a full refund.

Can we walk the talk? Can we get our ideals to work? We are confident that with our commitment, and your support, we can complete this journey.

Thank you for reading this, we wish you the absolute best!


Food 4.0: Positive Food, Positive Life

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