We have taken the following precautions to keep our operations Corona-free. We would advise you not to eat out in these uncertain times, but if you must, First Bite can be an extremely safe and healthy option!

Precautions for Restaurant Team
  • Committed to limited physical locations

  • Always following CDC guidelines

  • Separate work and home clothing

  • Daily health checks

  • Everything entering home sanitized 

  • Family approved!

Precautions for Incoming Ingredients
  • Sourcing/Shopping only once a week

  • Single designated person for sourcing

  • Sanitary shopping protocol

  • CRAZY CAUTION: Every packet entering the restaurant is sanitized

Precautions for In-House Restaurant Operations
  • CRAZY CAUTION: Packets left untouched for at least 3 days. 

  • Masks & Gloves: Always ON!

  • All restaurant surfaces bleached twice a day

  • All active restaurant surfaces bleached every hour

  • No outsider allowed in the restaurant, period.

Precautions for Outbound Food to Customers
  • Zero physical contact with any outsider/customer

  • Completely sanitary and socially distant delivery

  • Completely sanitary and socially distant takeout

All proceeds go towards supporting FB Team and Service Workers!

Complete Transparency!

Family Approved!

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